Valorant Introduces the VCT LOCK/IN Capsule Bundle

The new Valorant Bundle will come out to celebrate Lock/In, which is one of the biggest VCT tournaments ever. Thirty teams from all over the world will compete for glory and a direct invite to Masters Tokyo. Riot Games has scheduled this bundle to come out on February 8, five days before the tournament starts.

The new capsule has an exclusive Misericórdia skin for a Xenohunter-type knife with four different versions, three banners for different leagues, and a Vamos (Raze) spray.

When you buy this capsule, you are helping all the teams in the event because 50% of the money will be split among them. This is a great way to support all of the Valorant teams that are competing on the main stage.

Misericórdia is a masterpiece that is based on both Xenohunter and the Champions collection. It has the top frag glow from the champion’s knife, a beautiful design, and animations like those in Xenohunter. It also comes in four different versions to show off different parts of the world.

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