Ultimate Sackboy Is Available One Day Before Its Official Release Date

The new free-to-play mobile game from Exient Entertainment is out a day before it was supposed to be. The release date for both iOS and Andriod was initially set for February 21 but was pushed back to February 20 in order to accommodate the game’s overwhelming popularity.

The protagonist from the popular PlayStation game LittleBigPlanet takes part in an arcade running event in which he or she must rack up as many points as possible in a limited amount of time.

Ultimate Sackboy

Ultimate Sackboy, at first look, is a running game in which the player controls Sackboy and must slide, dodge, and hop through obstacles to reach the finish line alive. The game is unabashedly designed for intense multiplayer battles.

The game is a well-balanced task that calls for a degree of dexterity to master because of the need for exact timing, quick reflexes, and some judgment to foresee and overcome problems and defeat opponents.

Super Sackboy is no exception when it comes to customization in LittleBigPlanet games. In fact, personalization is central to the game, with outfits becoming available as the player continues in order to equip and upgrade their attire and appearance.

As previously said, it is all about competition: the game offers several events, such as The Marathon, which involves daily assignments that unlock rewards upon completion.

A Season Pass is also available, allowing players to access additional incentives and unique wardrobe pieces, as well as a variety of free and paid packs.

It’s worth noting that each Season will last 28 days, and Season 1 has already begun, with the notoriously uncommon Astronaut outfit available. Season 2 will premiere on March 22nd, and there will certainly be some intriguing new stuff.

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