Overwatch 2: Tips to Instantly Improve Ultimate Beginners Guide


We will be covering some simple beginner-level tricks that are often even forgotten by high ranks and they will remain useful to you for the entirety of your time playing OverWatch 2.

10 Tips to Improve in Overwatch 2 Beginners Guide

1. Check the Scoreboard Often

I see new players only look at the scoreboard menu in order to Flame their teammates about how terrible they are they tend to then neglect all of the helpful information that they can find there.

If you look you can see the enemy picks after just a few seconds into the round which can clue you into enemy flankers you can also see all of your teammate’s old charges which can help you plan out fights when you get the game’s sense for it and you can see who is actively respawning and when they are respawning.

This is useful for knowing which team fights are winnable as well as when to look for someone returning to the fight you can catch them off guard and send them right back to the respawn room once you get an easy pick on them especially since players tend to use their cooldowns to go back to the fight quicker.

2. Watch The Kill Feed

The kill feed provides helpful information quickly as well allowing you to know precisely when someone dies and who they are which was some simple counting math that allows you to keep track of which team has the advantage without needing to read through the scoreboard.

This can be especially helpful when you’re in the middle of a really intense team fight or when you are doing something which requires the majority of your attention such as holding an angle on Widowmaker.

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In Overwatch 2 one of the more helpful additions to the sound menu is actually a little section that allows you to play a sound when someone on your team is eliminated or when someone on the enemy team is eliminated which kind of helps you keep track without needing to use your vision.

3. Watch The Health Of your Teammates

All Rolls supports obviously need to pay attention to their team health because they need to know who actively needs healing but other roles can benefit greatly from doing this as well a player with low HP is unlikely to push into the enemy team and apply pressure instead they will probably be hiding or waiting to get some health back knowing which teammates have low HP and when they have low HP will help you determine whether or not you are able to push and get some actual help from your team.

If your honor is only one HP she’ll probably be hiding around the corner and waiting for her passive HP to regen and thus not be able to easily heal you as you walk into the enemy or if your tank is taking a lot of damage they’re probably going to be backing up soon which is important to know on DPS so that you can back up alongside them and not get caught out of position.

4. Play on FullScreen to Reduce Input Lag

This is the only tip that applies specifically to PC this is a tip that I sometimes see forgotten because it is kind of just standard place in the competitive FPS Community I see a lot of casual or new players playing on borderless windowed or just straight windowed mode and they don’t realize how much delay they are adding into their game in windowed mode your mouse inputs will be significantly slower than you send them and that lag can cause your aim to be really difficult to actually pull off and not in a good practice way try to play with full screen on in order to get the least possible input lag for your aim.

5. Crouching Will Make Your Footsteps Quiet

Crouching will quiet your Footsteps in OverWatch footsteps making a ton of noise when you flank and that will clue in players who are listening closely to your position. if you crouch however your footsteps will be reduced in the audio this lets you creep closer to enemy backliners on characters like Reaper or Genji or it lets you set up to take a few shots in a surprise sight line on a character like Widowmaker. this can also help other roles, as well as characters like Anna, can get sneaky cooldown value in some situations ores or area can hide and use her grab when an enemy diva is not looking to use Matrix on it.

6. Always Moving While Shooting

This is a huge thing, especially for players who are coming over from a tax shooter game. Overwatch has literally zero penalties for moving while shooting aside from requiring more effort to aim at your part.

The benefits of doing so however are that you become a much more difficult Target to hit which can keep you alive in the fight for longer.

Especially if you throw in some corrupt spam and some just generally unpredictable strafing patterns be sure in general to just not get in the Trap of standing still in shooting even if you think nobody is looking you never know when an enemy flanker or sniper is waiting for you to line up for an easy kill.

7. Don’t Spam Jump While Fighting Enemies

It can be a little bit difficult to understand for newer players but jumping actually makes you more predictable in 1v1s when you spam jump your character will always go in the same up-and-down Arc which means that good aimers will be able to easily aim for the Apex of your jump where they know you will not be able to affect Jew.

Once they have you in a predictable pattern they can land very easy headshots or just land other cooldowns on you with much more Simplicity.

It’s best in general to try to stay on the ground and use your right and left directional movement in order to throw their aim off of you.

8. Quality Over Quantity

Start with one roll at a time and keep your early list of Heroes small to be clear you should 100 try everyone and get a feel for all the characters so that you can know what appeals to you. but pick a few Heroes you really enjoy and try to stick to pushing only them spreading yourself too thin early on in the game puts you in a loop of constantly learning new tech for different Heroes and it’s going to hinder your fundamentals quite a bit.

It’s good to have a character that you don’t need to think too much to play and can instead focus on the flow and ebb of the game itself makes it easier to do things like track cooldowns and position in odd spots in order to win team fights you can add the other characters into your pool later once you feel like you are stuck and don’t really have an answer to win a lot of your games when people start counter picking you or when you’re just ready for in new challenge that isn’t simply going up in rank.

Don’t be afraid to be Creative

Be open-minded and don’t be afraid to be creative OverWatch tends to reward creativity and range you may see your favorite Pros do specific strategies but that doesn’t mean it’s the right move in every situation.

For example, a lot of high-level Ash players will tell you to wait for Sleep Dart before you use Bob but I actually have a creative way of securing lots of picks on Anna by abusing this interaction instead of waiting for her to use her sleep out on something else I’ll throw Bob on a corner close to the auto where she has to swing out in order to sleep him and when she does I simply go for the headshots on her since she won’t be paying too much attention to me and she’ll step out of position in order to help her team.

This has produced a lot of fight wins for me and The Hondas never get any wiser to it so don’t be afraid to try thinking of outside-the-box solutions to get an edge over your ranked opponents.

Choose a Competitive Sensitivity

Another thing that can get confusing for a lot of newer players is finding a good competitive sensitivity on Console this is a little bit more straightforward since the range isn’t as extensive as it is on PC my general recommendation is going with somewhere a little bit higher than 50% due to the fast movement that OverWatch 2 has somewhere between 55% to 60% is generally what I’d say would be good just play around and see where close to this range feels good to you though as controller aim is just more about positioning anyway.

On PC however, your sensitivity can vary to an insane degree, and get Ultra-precise you have Mouse DPI which you’ll need to find out for determining a good sensitivity and you have in-game sense.

Competitive players typically multiply these numbers together to get a figure known as edpi the general range that I recommend for edpi is anywhere between 2800 to 6000 to start this is where you’ll find most not all competitive players for their sensitivity for example my own sensitivity is 2.8 in-game at 1600 DPI meaning my edpi is right around 4500.

It may feel slow at first if you’ve never played much fps before but trust me when I say that once you get used to it it does help your aim significantly due to the increased room for error.

Don’t forget to also adjust your sensitivity for desk space if you can do close to a 180 it doesn’t even need to be all the way with one good swipe of your mouse then you have enough space in your senses quick enough you do not need to do a full 360 with your mouse space to have a competitive sensitivity.

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