Sony Reduces Half Of PS VR2 Output After Disappointing Pre-Orders

Sony was expecting this to happen, looking at the success of the Oculus 1 and 2, Sony reduces PlayStation VR 2 projections by half after disappointing pre-orders. Sony has been heavily promoting the debut of PlayStation VR2, their next-generation VR headset. Sony had high hopes with launch titles such as Gran Turismo 7, Horizon Call of the Mountain, and No Man’s Sky. However, as pre-orders for PS VR2 have been disappointing, the firm appears to be slashing them in half. 

However, Sony should not have been surprised by the sluggish pace of pre-orders. With a suggested price of $549.99 / €599.99 / £529.99, the PS VR2 contains cutting-edge hardware but is also incredibly expensive, costing far more than the first PlayStation VR and even more than the PS5. It appears to be the primary reason for the decrease in production costs. 

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According to a new Bloomberg report, the Japanese IT giant is tempering its expectations. Sony has trimmed its initial PS VR2 expectations after disappointing early pre-order sales. Previously, the headgear was anticipated to sell 2 million units in its first quarter of availability. 

According to Bloomberg, this amount has since dropped dramatically to 1 million units. According to insiders, Sony has advised a supplier to expect fewer orders for display panels. As a result, the company now anticipates a decreased demand for the Play Station VR2.

Sony now predicts shipping 1.5 million units of the system between April 2023 and March 2024. However, this value will be adjusted based on sales feedback. However, this is just another negative indication for the Virtual Reality market.

Key Features Of The Sony Play Station VR 2 Headset

What’s more, most of the critics consider that the cut down in sales is due to the high prices of the virtual reality headset. But at the price point, Sony provides many new features, and looking at the competition Sony tried to enhance their previous features at the same time. Below we have listed some of the key features of the headset. 

Display MethodOLED
Panel resolution2000 x 2040 per eye
Panel refresh rate90Hz, 120Hz
Lens separationAdjustable
Field of ViewApprox. 110 degrees
SensorsMotion Sensor: Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer))
Cameras4 cameras for headset and controller tracking, IR camera for eye tracking per eye
FeedbackVibration on headset
Communication with PS5USB Type-C
AudioInput: Built-in microphone, Output: Stereo headphone jack
Weight< 600g

So what do you think will you buy the Sony VR 2? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below. You can also check our other article to get more insights about other games. We all write about tips and tricks to enhance gameplay and gaming experience. 

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