PUBG MOBILE/ BGMI Top 5 loot locations in Nusa Map


The game is well-known for its interactive battleroyal maps and intense gameplays. Currently, PUBG Mobile offers six battle-royal maps: Erangel (Miramar), Vikendi Livik, Sanhok and Sanhok. PUBG Mobile also added a new map, Nusa, to their 2.2 update. Nusa is the smallest map in the game. Nusa matches last 10 minutes each. In Nusa, 32 players can compete in a single match. We will be discussing the top five loot locations in Nusa Map in PUBG Mobile and BGMI. These are the places where players can find a decent amount loot to survive and fight.

Nusa is a 1x1km tourist island map in the tropics. Players can fight right after landing and get a chicken dinner quickly! Nusa is full of beautiful sights and exciting gameplay that you can enjoy.

PUBG Mobile Nusa map

1. Regal Resort

It is a tourist spot, as the name might suggest. The amenities will also be great. Regal Resort is located on the right side. It is located in a beachside area. Regal Resort’s treasure chances are just as spectacular as the view. Here, players can find a large number of utility items, wearables and ammo. Be aware of the possibility of enemy landings.

2. Flame Village

Flame Village is the Nusa map’s centre field. Many large buildings can be found in this location, located at the exact center of the map. This location is very loot dense due to its central location. This location also has a token shop. It is the location of the most enemies due to its position on the map.

3. Telepak Town

Telepak Town is Nusa’s largest city. There are many types of buildings in the area, including multi-story homes and twin homes. However, this does not mean that larger buildings are better for loot. The loot density in this area is still quite high, despite the many structures. It is possible to expect a large number of foes as well as camped-out players.

4. Science Center

The Science Center, a large area that contains significant treasure and is located in central part of the map, is the Science Center. This structure is larger than the Flora Menace main structure. This area has lots of loot. Hidden areas of the building can be found useful items such as level 3 vests and helmets. This area will be full of rivals.

5. Shipyard

The miniature Georgopol is also known as Nusa’s Shipyard port. It can be found on the map’s upper-side. There are many containers and warehouses. This location, like other locations on the current map, has high loot chances. Because of its remoteness, players can expect to encounter fewer enemies.


These are the top 5 loot locations on the Pubg mobile Nusa map: 1) Regal Resort 2) Flame Village 3) Telepak Town 4) Science Center 5) Shipyard. These are great places to find loot and gear up for battle. So go out there and start looting!

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