PUBG MOBILE Top 5 loot locations in Nusa Map

Learn About Top 5 loot locations in Pubg Mobile/ Bgmi Nusa Map

The game is well-known for its intense and interactive battle royal maps. At the moment, PUBG Mobile has six battle royale maps: Erangel (Miramar), Vikendi, Livik, Sanhok, and Sanhok. In their 2.2 updates, PUBG Mobile also added a new map called Nusa. Nusa is the game’s smallest map.

Nusa matches last 10 minutes each. In Nusa, 32 people can play at the same time. We will talk about the five best places to find loot on the Nusa Map in PUBG Mobile and BGMI. Here are the places where players can find a good amount of loot to help them fight and stay alive.

Nusa is a tourist island map that is 1x1km and is in the tropics.

Players can fight as soon as they land and get a quick chicken dinner.

You can enjoy the beautiful sights and exciting gameplay in Nusa.

PUBG Mobile Nusa map

1. Regal Resort

As the name might suggest, it is a place for tourists. Also, the extras will be great. On the right is where the Regal Resort. It is in an area by the beach. The chances of finding treasure at Regal Resort are just as great as the view. Here, players can find a lot of useful items, things to wear, and ammunition. Keep in mind that enemy ships could land.

2. Flame Village

Flame Village is in the middle of the Nusa map. This spot, which is right in the middle of the map, has a lot of big buildings. Because this place is in the middle, there is a lot of loot here. There is also a token shop here. Because of where it is on the map, it is where the most enemies are.

3. Telepak Town

Telepak Town is the biggest city in Nusa. There are many different kinds of buildings in the area, like twin homes and homes with more than one story. This doesn’t mean, though, that bigger buildings are better places to loot. Even though there are a lot of buildings in this area, there is still a lot of loot to be found. You can expect a lot of enemies and players who have set up camp.

4. Science Center

The Science Center is a large area in the middle of the map that has a lot of valuable treasures. This building is bigger than the main building on Flora Menace. There is a lot of loot in this area. In the building’s hidden spots, you can find useful things like level 3 helmets and vests. There will be many opponents in this area.

5. Shipyard

Nusa’s Shipyard Port is another name for the small city of Georgopol. It is on the upper side of the map. There are a lot of warehouses and containers. Like other places on the current map, there are a lot of loot chances in this area. Because it is so far away, there are likely to be fewer enemies there.


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