Pokemon Scarlet and Violet- How to catch Zorua?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet- How to catch Zorua?

If you’re a fan of the classic Game Boy game, Pokémon, then you’ll definitely want to check out Pokemon Scarlet & Violet! These two new games are based on the original Pokemon game mechanics, but with many new features. When you play this game, you travel through different regions with your team and fight wild Pokémon as you go.

You can also challenge trainers and other people who are playing the game and try to defeat them in battle. You can use a variety of Pokémon and tactics in order to fight your opponent and win the battle. There are also mini-games that you can play with your different Pokémon in order to help train them. And you can also catch lots of rare Pokémon to add to your collection!

And who doesn’t want to add a rare and powerful Pokemon to their team? Today, we are going to talk about Zorua. Zorua is a Dark-type Pokémon that first appeared in Generation V. And here we are to help you save the hours you’ll spend in finding Zorua. The Pokemon has the appearance of a fox black in color and evolves into Zoroark. Because of their power, both are highly popular among the community.

Challenge of catching Zorua

One of the biggest challenges to catching Zorua is that it can transform into other Pokemon like Ditto. And it’ll take you quite an effort to capture. But with such powers, the effort will be worth it in the end.  

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How to catch Zorua in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Zorua can be discovered in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in West Province Area One, West Province Area Two, and Tagtree Thicket. It predominantly disguises itself as another Pokemon, but there are several clear signs that might help you recognize Zorua’s disguise.

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How to catch Zorua in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How to recognize Zorua?

One easy way to recognize Zorua is that it is quite aggressive toward the players. If you spot any Pokemon in the above region who is aggressive despite its calm and friendly nature or vice versa. Then you can take your chance and it might turn out to be Zorua. So be ready and prepare yourself if you get attacked by a Pokemon, who might seem peaceful. 

Don’t take the cute fox-like Pokemon lightly. As it belongs to the dark type family, their powers are way stronger than they look. 

How to defeat Zorua?

In order to defeat Zorua, your choice of Pokemon against it should be of Fighting, Bug, and Fairy-types. Pokemon of this family are more powerful than dark-type Pokemon and the attacks of Zorua will be less effective on them. 

But if you find yourself on the losing side against Zorua even after using the above-mentioned Pokemon. Then you should go for ghost or dark-type Pokemon. But remember one thing, don’t use a psychic type Pokemon because they will have no effect on Zorua. And it will be a walk in the park for Zorua to defeat them. 

When Zorua’s health is low and in the red, you can catch it using a Pokeball. In a few seconds, you’ll find yourself being a trainer of a powerful Pokemon. 

Attacks on Zorua and its evolution

Let’s talk about the powerful moves Zorua can perform. Zorua is capable of learning Dark-type moves such as Knock Off, Night Daze, and Foul Play. It can evolve into Zoroark after reaching level thirty in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Night Slash is another devastating Dark-type move that Zoroark can perform. In addition, Zoroark can be found in West Province Area Three, Tagtree Thicket, and Casseroya Lake. They are, however, extremely rare. 

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If you find yourself encountering a wild Zoroark then you should go and buy yourself a lottery ticket. Just like a lottery, it’ll be a very tough task to capture Zoroark cause he’ll be raining his powers on you. 

Some tips to catch Zorua

Here are some of the tips that you should keep in mind before hunting Zorua or Zoroark. Examine your mini-map. It will continually change as you go across the map, displaying indicators that indicate which Pokemon can be discovered nearby.

Eat a sandwich. In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, learning new sandwich recipes is critical since they can truly help you out on your quest. Ultra Avocado sandwiches will boost your chances of encountering Dark-type Pokemon, so use them to track down Zorua and Zoroark.

ZL should be pressed. By pressing this, you can zoom in on the Pokemon you’re looking at. If you haven’t added it to your Pokedex yet, you’ll notice question marks next to its name. So, if you’ve captured every other Pokemon in the region and come across a disguised Zorua or Zoroark, it’ll either utter their name or appear as a question mark (if you haven’t already caught them).

So what strategy you’ll use against Zorua? And what Pokemon would you use? Do tell us in the comment section below. 

However, finding Zorua will take a lot of time but if you have him on your team then you’ll have a strong dark-type Pokemon in your arsenal.  


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