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Overwatch 2: Tips to Dominate and Rank Up Fast

Dominate in Overwatch 2 with these expert tips on character selection, playstyle, and mindset. Learn how to maximize your value in fights and climb the ranks quickly.

1. What characters should you play?

This is a common question for new players, and the answer can change weekly if you want to play The Meta. Contrary to popular belief, playing the best characters isn’t key to ranking success. If you play well and get a lot of value from your character, you’ll win more and climb. Pick a character you love to play.

2. Ranked PlayStyles

This topic leads to playing Rank. Should you pick one character or many? Passive or aggressive? I’m player-dependent. I lock a Hero at the start of every game, whether to maximize wins or improve the screenplay. This season, I’ve mostly picked Anna. This method lets me maximize my character’s growth.

If I play for a long time, I’ve warmed up my character for the most recent game. Starting in a character doesn’t mean you can’t switch. If my character doesn’t fit, I’ll swap. Same if the enemy’s composition destroys my character.

In Wrecking Ball, my team plays Moira, Lucio Reaper, and Torbjorn. The enemy plays Anna or Sombra. My hero’s worst-case scenario, but I won’t switch. Your hero can handle most games.

3. Safe Vs Aggressive

Consider how you can maximize your value in each fight. Many players, especially supporters, are so focused on not tying that they are out of the fight contributing nothing more than if they were in spawn or dead. Many DPS players play so aggressively they die in every fight.

If you’re playing a composition that wants to stick together and run the enemy down, stay close to your tank. If you’re playing a composition that would rather play split, look for picks or other opportunities.

4. Group Vs Ungrouped

If you want to climb, your Duo should have the same goals as you. You’re here because you want to push yourself, grind, and improve, and you don’t want your high-ranked friend to play with you. When they’re gone, you’ve wasted your time and can’t play with friends who are worse than you.

Lower ranks won’t help you improve if you’re constantly tracked down. Some steps are needed to push your limits. The best duo isn’t the best player. Consistent, like-minded More than two or three players should not group, especially in lower ranks against high-level players on alternate accounts. Duos or trios should climb.

Here are Some Quick Tips

1. Settings

I typically advise players to prioritize frames over anything else I will create a more in-depth settings guide soon but for now, consider playing on low settings. trust me it helps reduce visual clutter as well as give you a bit more frames to react and the game still looks stunning.

2. Avoid Tilt

When you’re having a good day or an off day, but most importantly when you’re tilting tilt is a state of mental or emotional confusion or frustration that causes the player to play differently than normal, usually after losing two or more games in a row.

If you find yourself getting angrier with your teammates after each loss, take a few hours to relax. While it may seem like pseudoscience, many players struggle with it, resulting in crippling Sr gains.

3. Improvement Mindset

Playing just to play is a waste of time. For many beginning players, all it takes is an introspective reflection after each game. What could I have done to win by a wider margin or salvage a loss? If you don’t know, review a replay or mod review.


I am a professional gaming content writer and gamer. I have been in the industry for over 10 years and have worked with some of the biggest names in the business.

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