Overwatch 2: Tips to Dominate and Rank Up Fast

Overwatch 2 is a game that many people are looking forward to. The original Overwatch was a great game and it’s always been one of my favorites. I think that the developers have done a great job of making sure that the game will be even better this time around. Here are some of the Tips to Dominate and Rank Up Fast that I hope to see in Overwatch 2.

1. What characters should you play?

For new players, this is a pretty common question and honestly, it can change by the week if you want to play the most effective tactics available or The Meta. Contrary to popular belief though playing the best characters is not the main variable to your success in ranks at the end of the day if you are performing well in your character of choice and getting a lot of value you likely will win a lot more and thus you’ll climb. I motion you to pick a character that you really love to play.

2. Ranked PlayStyles

This topic Cycles perfectly into the next point which pertains to how one should play Rank should you just focus on one character or pick up a variety play aggressive or passive or never play outside of a group to be completely honest it depends on the player for me I tend to dedicate each session to a character that I want to play whether it be to maximize wins or to improve at them in the screenplay and lock that Hero at the start of every single game.

For example this season I’ve been picking Anna pretty much every single game I enjoy this method because it allows me to truly lock in min-max my Improvement on the character of choice.

If I play for long periods of time it also ensures that I’m set up to play the character to my best potential as I have essentially warmed up the entire session for the most recent game just because you start in the character though doesn’t mean that you should never switch in a situation where my character will not compliment my team at all I will usually switch right then and there the same goes for if the enemy has a composition that is completely destroying my character.

For example, if I’m intending to play Wrecking Ball and my team is playing characters like Moira Lucio Reaper and Torbjorn and the enemy is playing characters like Anna or Sombra I may consider switching big time as it is simply the worst-case scenario for my hero often times however this just won’t be the case. most games will be at least okay for your hero of choice.

3. Safe Vs Aggressive

Think about how you can maximize the value you are outputting within each fight so many players most commonly supports are so focused on not tying that they are completely out of the fight contributing nothing more than if they were just sitting in spawn or dead on the flip side many DPS players love to play so aggressively that they die every single fight they get a chance.

It is important that you are confident in yourself to place yourself in an active spot that allows you to follow through and create the plays that you need this differs with the composition you are playing if you are playing a composition that wants to stick together and run the enemy down make sure to stay close to your tank but if you’re playing a composition that would rather play split look for opportunities to find picks or other valuable opportunities.

4. Group Vs Ungrouped

In most scenarios, I prefer playing with a Duo over just playing alone but it is incredibly important that you aren’t just playing with a friend if you want to climb it is much much deeper than that your Duo should have the same goals as you.

presumably, you’re here because you want to push yourself you want to grind improve and truly develop your skills you do not want your high-ranked friend to Simply hop on an alternate account and play with you.

What happens when they’re gone all of your solo games are now lost and no improvement was made essentially you just completely wasted your time on the flip side you can’t just play with your friends that may be a little bit worse than you because you feel bad.

Playing within lower ranks doesn’t help you push yourself and get better especially if you are constantly being tracked down it may be a hard decision to make but some steps are a must in order to push yourself to your limit thematically understand that the best duo isn’t the best player you can possibly play with.

Rather someone that is consistent and has the same values as you grouping with more than two or three players is generally just a bad idea though most of the time especially in lower ranks these groups run into Stacks against high-level players on Alternate accounts.

We’re just making things harder on ourselves by doing this if you want to climb stick to the duo or Trio.

Here are Some Quick Tips

1. Settings

I typically advise players to prioritize frames over anything else I will create a more in-depth settings guide soon but for now, consider playing on low settings. trust me it helps reduce visual clutter as well as give you a bit more frames to react and the game still looks stunning.

2. Avoid Tilt

When you’re having a good day or an off day but most importantly you know when you’re tilting tilt in this sense is a state of mental or emotional confusion or frustration resulting in the player playing much differently than normal usually after losing two or more games in a row.

If you notice yourself becoming increasingly angry with your teammates after each game you lose it is time to just take a step back breathe just take a general break for the next few hours.

While it may feel like pseudoscience this is a real phenomenon that many players struggle with resulting in crippling Sr gains in the long term.

3. Improvement Mindset

It is extremely important that you do not just play the game you must have an improvement mindset throughout your climb playing just to play is a waste of time but how do you counteract this for many players just starting out all it takes is a good introspective reflection after each game.

Ask yourself did I win or did I lose was the game close what could I have done to win by a wider margin or pull out a victory from the loss.

If you don’t have an answer to this question then it may be time to look back at one of your replays or mod review.

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