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Overwatch 2: Tips for Instant Grandmaster on any hero

Overwatch 2 is a highly anticipated game that fans have been waiting for years. The first Overwatch was released in May of 2016 and quickly became one of the most popular games on the market. Blizzard Entertainment has announced that they are working on a sequel, which is set to be released in late 2018.

The game will continue to follow the story of the original game, with new characters and locations. The developers have also promised that the game will be more customizable than before, allowing players to create their own heroes and playstyle. Fans of the first Overwatch are eagerly awaiting this sequel, hoping that it lives up to their high expectations.

We are sharing 5 Tips for Instant Grandmaster on any hero in OverWatch 2

1. Avoid Specific Interactions

Be creative and avoid specific interactions for example when playing Tracer you can wait until Cassidy uses his magnetic grenade before
you fight him or on Widowmaker only shoot half-charge shots at Genji when he has d flat in situation one you can push Cassidy and force him to land difficult shots on you instead of relying on his

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In situation 2 you can make the Genji use his deflect to survive without having the chance to one-shot you with it so long as you aren’t weak and you don’t charge your shot fully understanding what counter you are and how to play against those counters it makes it significantly easier to have a more specialized hero pool. it is honestly downright vital for competing against some of overwatch’s best.

the second option however is of course play Rock Paper Scissors with your opponent and
counter pick remember that nasty Widow that was constantly headshotting you and destroying you on pharah why not just go Sombra and decloak on her when she’s alone and not paying attention it’s a free pick every time.

Now you’re 5v4 this has generally been my Approach throughout the years and I found an insane amount of success the number of times that my team gets destroyed by Diva on OverWatch 2 just for me to go Reaper and make it impossible for her to play the game has been crazy so far and has contributed to a really high win percentage take it a step further and if you know which characters are your personal favorites learn what their weaknesses are and add picks to your hero pool ahead of time that Shore those weaknesses up.

This lets you have an answer for every game that may come your way can’t deal with a soldier 76 on Tracer practice Hanzo and add him to your hero pool can’t deal with the Tracer on Genji add Cassidy to your hero pool it’ll help you avoid being stuck in a position where one hero counters your entire lineup and leaves you feeling powerless for the whole game number.

2. Stop Looking For The Perfect Ultimate

OverWatch 2 are huge a lot of them with the new changes can be pure fight winners and they are far less common than in OverWatch one that being said I’d take a Genji who gets three solo blades in six minutes over one 3K blade in 6 minutes any day use your old to get a noticeable Advantage sometimes even just one pick and try to push off of that in GM sometimes you use an ALT to even just get cooldowns out to push.

This also will double as a way to practice for those moments when you just plain miss your ultimate or they are focusing really hard on shutting you down. if you want to be the carry you gotta know your limits and blading in 1v5 against the team focusing on you is not going to work.

Even if you do mess up your ultimate using more ultimates over the course of a game puts the law of averages on your side. so instead of needing to be clutch in one big moment, you can instead just be good in multiple smaller moments and that will translate to an easier-to-win game.

3. Pay More Attention to the Enemies Team Comp

The temptation to be upset over having a Lucio Zen or a roadhog instead of a diva can be very difficult to overcome.

The best way to get past this is to look for the flaws in the enemy’s team comp. they’re running a solid all-around comp trying to go after different players and identify weak links.

GM players use this to their advantage all the time on ash I got a 100 win rate to GM using this trick try thinking like this does their Zen step out of position often does their other healer focus more on the tank and not peel for their DPS do their DPS’s walk in straight lines sometimes and make themselves predictable to kill do they have a tell for when they are going to alt look for these and similar things that can clue you into a simple abusable situation.

You can also get similar value by looking instead for strong links is their tank shouldering the entire load for their team and hands not hitting the broadside of Barn I’ve played Pharaoh into double hit scans that I know I can out-duel many times specifically so that once I kill them I can safely chunk down the enemy tank and take them out of the game or maybe you know how to play Sombra and just Perma hack the carrying Reinhardt this is all tying into why tip number one is so important.

4. Always Practice Your Aim

The most simple solution to beating other players is to just be a better aimer doesn’t matter how smart the soldier is if you just one-shot him every time he Peaks you right and vice versa if you engage on Genji at the perfect moment but miss every shuriken does that game since really matter making sure your mechanics are sharpened enough to the task is one of the most underrated things for GM gameplay.

A lot of people from OverWatch 1 manage to get into GM playing low-mechanic Heroes which had a lot of impacts. in OverWatch 2 the game has shifted more into a need for being comfortable taking duels on any roll and being a constant presence with your damage and your cooldowns you need to practice aim to get as much of an edge as you can.

Even I’m guilty of not practicing my aim as much as I should have in the past and before you think it no it is not too late some think that those past a certain age can’t keep up with the younger players but with a combination of even just passable aim and good game sense this can very quickly prove to be a false sense of comfort for them.

I’ve taken duels with thousands of players I consider to be better aimers than me and routinely destroyed them because I catch them at the right time without cooldowns or hit them when they’re walking in a straight line.

It wouldn’t matter though if I didn’t land my shot in the first place make sure you stay practicing and keep your aim sharp.

5. Be A Positive Force

I believe in something called the 30 20 50 rule this rule is very simple and in thirty percent of your games, you will win your team will be better the other team will have a lever or tilt whatever it is you can pretty much play at your worst and still end up winning the game.

20% of your games will be losses you will be the one with a lever or your team will be AFK or Tilted or the other team is just playing out of their mind and not giving you an inch and finally, the remaining 50% will come down to your gameplay deciding the game if you gather their dpses significantly you get the win.

If you land that clutch hole in overtime you get the win Etc. this helps me not get wrapped up in the games that I lose as I couldn’t do much for them anyway and keeps me motivated to try every game because the odds of them being in the 50 are significant. it may seem hard to believe but just keep in mind that all of my unrated GMS has a win rate of 70 to 100 so it’s absolutely doable and on pretty much any hero.

The reason being positive is really important is that you reduce the chances of a game being lost due to tilt instead of saying Genji you’re doing nothing switch to a good hero and make the Genji uncooperative say hey Genji can you help me with X do you play Soldier or Hanzo it gives the other player a sense of mutual respect and generally people will want to work with you more.

If they’re still being difficult then just save your energy and simply play your best but you’d be surprised at how positively many react and I’ve honestly not really had someone throw when I politely asked them to switch as opposed to when I am more aggressive usually the worst I can get is is no when I’m being nice.


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