let’s talk about Bubble timing the DPS and sustainabilities area has when she times her bubbles right can make for an extremely powerful pushing character that isn’t really easy to deal with in OverWatch 2. To get the most out of your bubbles you want to split the fight into two stages in your mind.

1. The Start of the Fight

the pre-slash early fight this stage is where bubbles don’t matter as much for your team since both teams are kind of just poking and getting ready for a major battle. during this stage, you want to try to get your energy up so that once the committed fighting breaks out you can do a lot more damage with a high charge.

Look for high-damage abilities and spam coming through choke points and in your general Direction. stuff like the Zen volley or soldier’s rockets for example and then walk in front of it and use your personal bubble to get a quick injection of energy from the damage absorbed. you should be able to on average get between 50 to 80 energy once you get good at looking for spam to walk into.

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Once you use two bubbles for this however you should not keep wasting more since you need them for protecting yourself when you get aggressive during stage two. the push in a team fight at this stage you should have already used your bubbles for energy and you should have them coming off cooldowns soon.

You’ll want to use your next bubbles to sustain yourself and your teammates in a push when they start focusing on different targets. you should also use this time to close distance on squishies and take space while you have the ability to greatly increase your health pool. remember don’t use your bubbles straight away take a bit of damage first this will ensure you get as much value out of your bubble as possible.

This is because you’ll know that you have people targeting you when you’re actively taking damage and it’ll allow your healers to heal your HP while your bubble is up effectively increasing your overall health. you’ll also generate even more energy this way it is important however to not use all of your bubbles on your cell using your bubbles on your Genji when it goes for blade or under Pharaoh when she does for barrage is an X excellent way to carry fights without needing to do direct damage.

So, try to always be on the lookout for teammates who are looking to make big plays, and don’t be overly selfish with your cooldowns.

2. Be Aggressive With High Charge

Damage dealing goes Zarya is a menace when you have high energy already you want to start pushing into the enemy team and using your right clicks to pressure squishy Targets in the back while you use your left Glade to pressure out the enemy tank.

Your left clip damage is significant enough to pressure out a lot of Tanks or at least form a lot of grab off of them even with the reduced alt rate.

When you’re facing name-based heroes such as Zarya or DPS you should also use your right list occasionally mixed in with your left clicks to make it more difficult for them to aim as well as add a bit of burst damage into your fights.

It’s best if you can manage to use your right click to finish off a Target who is under half Health as well.

3. How to Use Your Ultimate

Ultimate graviton surge will suck people in based on where you fire it and lock them into place. when you have characters like widow or sojourn or really any DPS it’s ridiculously powerful as it allows for really easy headshots. Even without those characters grabbing squishies can allow you to finish them off yourself due to your really high damage.

The one thing you don’t want to do in this game is waste a ton of time waiting around for the perfect grab-grabbing. Just one or two squishies consistently and getting a pick off of them is usually enough for you to win a full fight off of.

Just make sure you keep in mind cooldowns and other ultimates that can actually weaken your graviton surge.

For example, if you’re fighting an enemy Diva instead of just throwing your grab out there and getting it eaten because she’s expecting it poke her down with your left click until she starts panicking and using Matrix, and then while her Matrix is on cooldown throw your grab out there now she can’t eat it or maybe you’re facing an enemy Zarya two bubbles is generally enough to save somebody from a graviton surge if the team is actually active in helping them.

So to avoid this just take the fight for a little bit poke Zarya and just pay close attention to when you see or use one of her bubbles once you see her use one of her bubbles then you can throw your grab out and you can only do so much to help somebody.

Keep in mind you can also use graviton surge to hinder a lot of enemies Genji has been a bit of a menace in this game and usually, dragon blade is a huge win condition for many enemy teams but ultimately Dragon The blade is pretty useless if you can’t move anywhere and since a lot of the CC in the game has been removed graviton surge has proven to be a pretty excellent counter to it just make sure it doesn’t get deflected and you can ruin an entire Dragon Blade even if it has Nano.

This can also apply to a lot of other ultimates a nano Target can’t move with grav or you can hit a sojourn that’s using railgun with your grab and now she can’t chase down any weak enemies make sure you get as creative as possible with your graviton Surge and use it to counter the enemy team and guarantee one fight picks are not always the end-all be all for getting value so just keep an eye out for other opportunities.

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