OverWatch 2: The Ultimate Ana Support Guide

Ana Overwatch 2 Guide Overwatch 2 Ana is the perfect character for players looking to improve their aim. Here are tips on how to play as Ana effectively.

Regenerate 15 Health/ Sec After 1 Sec without Being Damaged

let’s begin with the regenerating health support role passive while every support hero in the game has access to it Anna especially benefits from it as she never really had any sort of way to consistently regenerate her health during the OverWatch 1 era. Anna Mains finally have a way to survive on their own which makes her especially good here in OverWatch 2.

The next noteworthy thing is that our ammo has gone from 12 to 15 which means that you’re going to get even more shots off which makes you an even more effective healer compared to the previous game.

let’s take a look into how her abilities have changed first up we have her sleep Dart which has seen its cooldown increased from 12 seconds to 15 seconds and when you combine that with the fact that on sleep Dart is one of the only hard crowd control abilities left in the game managing this cooldown correctly is now more important than it ever has been before we’ll talk more about that later in the meantime that does it for all of Anna’s significant changes.

so let’s take a look at some of the tips and tricks that you should be looking to implement into your Anna gameplay.

Biotic Rifle

this works differently depending on how you use it when you shoot scoped in it acts as a hit scan meaning that your shot is going to register immediately and this is great for a couple of reasons.

  • You can heal your teammates a little faster than you would if you’re totally scoped out all the time and that’s great because that means fewer people are going to be yelling at you begging for heels you’re gonna be everyone’s best friend.
  • It’s gonna make it so you can position yourself in a safe place while still effectively healing everybody around you shooting while sculpting can be a very powerful tool but if you’re scoped out your shots are going to act as a projectile meaning that they will not immediately hit whoever you shoot.
image1 7

Healing and shooting enemies unscoped is also a very effective active thing and you definitely want to alternate between both unscoped shooting makes it easier to heal during close-ranged combat you’re going to have a better field of view overall compared to when you’re scoped in and you won’t suffer from any movement penalties which mean that strafing especially with your small hitbox is especially effective.

So you absolutely want to master unscoped shooting as well to maximize your effectiveness with Ana it’s important to switch between both don’t focus on one or the other a good balance is what’s going to help you output the best healing rate while keeping yourself alive.

Keeping you aware of your surroundings and don’t be afraid to get aggressive and do some damage with that rifle of yours healing is obviously your main priority as Anna.

But something that makes the top of us so much better than the average player is the ability to make plays happen themselves if you see someone out in the open or in the sky and hit them with a few shots it honestly could be the difference between winning and losing a fight maximize your effectiveness a ranked ladder is a brutal place, especially in a solo queue, don’t be afraid to fend for yourself once in a while trust me I’m speaking from experience tunnel visioning unjust healing can only have you miss a lot of those great opportunities that’ll let you rank up.

Ana’s cooldowns are some of the biggest game-changers in this entire hero pool.

Bionic grenade

This ability has multiple effects in one. first is the crazy healing ability on the impact this deals 100 healing to your teammates and for a short duration, They will receive 50% more healing so not only does it help keep your unreliable teammates alive but it could also help your unreliable support partner be more effective combining this with things like Lucille’s amp and Zen’s Transcendence can be a nice way to keep your team super healthy during a big fight.

image 57

But also in arguably more important is that this works as an anti-heal when you manage to hit the enemy and with heels being a fundamental part of this game cutting off that heel for even a second could be the thing that turns the fight for you this ability is on a 10-second cooldown so using it wisely is crucial.

One mistake commonly made by lower-rated Anna players is that they either throw the nade out for just about anything or they only focus on its healing properties when they could be using it offensively.

Don’t get me wrong there is absolutely no problem with healing a few low teammates with it during a fight but if you just throw it out in a panic for no reason or unnecessary situations don’t underutilize this important ability if healing is the right call then go for it but don’t be afraid to make some plays support.

Players oftentimes underestimate themselves you gotta look to throw that bionetta enemies at times used on a Winston or doomfist diving right at you throw it at an enemy DPS trying to dive you comboy with zarya’s graviton surge on your team or better yet throw it out the feet of enemies to try and disrupt zenyatta’s Transcendence you can make a huge difference and completely throw off the flow of the enemy team and don’t forget you could always use Anna’s nade defensively throw it at yourself if it means you get to survive you are very important or try to throw it at those pesky divers if you’re forced to fend for yourself in a 1v1.

Biotic grenade deals 60 damage like that is no joke it can be the difference between killing the enemy Genji and watching him annihilate your whole team. don’t be afraid to use biotic grenades aggressively this ability really is a game-changer.

Sleep Dart

This is easily one of the strongest abilities in this whole game it’s pretty much the only hard crowd control on cooldown that is left with that said finding hits on it somewhat consistently is gonna help you climb in the long run.

image 20

Take some time to get the flex down but you gotta keep working at it it’s so important it’s worth practicing whether it be in the practice range or in a custom game you gotta get it down as it’ll help you climb the ladder for sure I’m speaking from experience here you don’t just want to spam it off cooldown alright don’t be dumb.

I know how tempting it is to hit those six leaps for your five-minute Montage but trust me it is not worth it you have to stay disciplined even low rated players are going to understand that you are a Sitting Duck once you use slave Dart and guess what they’re gonna do everything in their power to bait it out of you so you mainly want to try and keep this as a defense mechanism.

Keep it on hand for those pesky flankers or better yet save it for if you know an enemy has an ultimate that’s gonna be coming right at you keep track of how long it’s been since a Genji’s used dragon blade or rapers use death Blossom for example if you know he’s gonna use it then get ready to shoot if you hit it then communicate to your teammate so you can get an easy kill but also don’t be afraid to take someone on a loan because remember bionade does 60 damage and if you combine that with a shot and a melee combo that’s gonna do some devastating damage.

But of course, I also highly recommend trying to hit tanks whenever they try to get too aggressive or they don’t have their Shields up tanks are without a doubt the easiest targets to hit and you can really melt them if you follow up with a bionade or coordinate with your teammates don’t try and hit random guys across the map it just doesn’t affect the outcome of a fight if anything you’re just going to be helping the enemy because guess what they know you don’t have sleep Dart now use it wisely it just might keep you alive.


This ability increases the damage output of a teammate and gives them a damage reduction buff it is super helpful as it can be used for offense or defense thanks to its properties it really depends on the situation in the case of offense look to combo it with just about anything you can.

image 56

Some targets are obviously better than others so be aware of what’s on your team but let’s say you have a Genji or a soldier 76 say hey guess what I have Nano you have your ultimate let’s do this let’s combo alt the effects can be devastating just with some simple communication or better yet throw it on a tank who’s about to go in or maybe you want to try and get them to play aggressively.

It’s not a bad idea to use Nano to encourage your teammates to push forward it can be very good at picking up the pace on the defensive side of things the goal is going to be to keep a teammate alive through Nano’s healing and its damage reduction.

If your Tank’s on the front line and they’re low don’t hesitate to let it fly baby they can turn the fight in your favor almost immediately your teammate could find a kill or at the very least it might scare the enemy into backing off and giving you some nice space to breathe.

But that doesn’t just go for your front line if your fellow healer is getting Dove sometimes the last resort Nano onto them could end up being the right play. they might pop off more than you think or a bare minimum you’re going to keep the unreliable teammate of yours alive.

Look carefully at what you have if it means turning a fight then you just cannot hesitate to use it even if it might piss off your fellow DPS player lots of fun for players to hold on to Nano for way too long and if you try and be a perfectionist you’ll have waited for so long that you probably could have built up a second one.

I know a bunch of you accidentally held on to Nano for way too long maybe even until the end of the game because you were scared or you were waiting for the so-called right moment don’t be that guy or girl anymore be aggressive.

Some general tips and tricks regarding Anna but that is not the only thing to focus on like with any support positioning is crucial it is often a thing that can separate a good honor player from a great one a very crucial step to take with Anna is to maintain a line of sight you have to shoot your teammates to keep them alive the moment that you can’t see them it’s all over.

So I suggest taking High Ground whenever it’s feasible it serves as a great vantage point for you as you get a better vision of your surroundings but that’s not all it’s good for as you also get a lot more play-making opportunities to remember what I said about being aggressive well here’s a good chance it could be an easy way to throw a biotic grenade above a shield or to hit the enemy backline to help you win a fight or at the bare minimum maybe your teammates have an easier time engaging the enemy, however.

I really cannot stress this enough to some of you out there you cannot get too comfortable you gotta have a good awareness of these situations think about what the enemy team is playing while you’re up there do they have a widow or something that can contest you if so you have to pick and choose when to peek don’t set yourself up in an open area play around a corner using a Wallace cover stay behind a shield even but at the same time you’ve got to make the right judgment call don’t get too comfortable as a passive a player there’s too many of them out there as it is there such a thing as being too scared.

If you hide for too long or pick a bad angle then your team is screwed and you’re not getting any value. but this also applies to yourself if you play too far from your teammates then flankers are going to pick you off with relative ease.

Don’t be afraid to play with your team I know it sounds crazy getting up close and personal. but sometimes you really just have to do it. if you keep getting flanked or you’re too far from your team try playing closer to your tank player.

Staying grouped up can make it a lot easier to keep your entire team nice and healthy while making sure you’re not in any immediate danger.

It can be scary to do this as a support player you don’t want to die Staying Alive is your number one priority but sometimes you have to trust in your teammates.

OverWatch 2 is a team game get out of your comfort zone that’s how you’re going to rank up you have to be flexible and aware of what’s going on don’t settle on one playstyle or another be dynamic and experiment on what works best for you.

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