Overwatch 2: The Ultimate Baptiste Guide


Baptiste is solid support capable of crazy amounts of healing and damage as well as solid survivability options, especially since the release of OverWatch 2. there have been some fundamental changes to his kit as well since there are two fewer tanks on the field he can also be played in different environments warranting a second guide for this character.

In this guide, we strictly discuss the major things that have changed with Baptiste and OverWatch 2 abilities like the immortality field are still relatively similar to OverWatch 1.

Regen Burst

The most glaring change pertains to his regenerative burst which has been completely reworked. before I told players not to worry about this ability all too much but now I’m afraid that this one might be the one to focus on.

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Now instead of giving consistent heals over time to his team in a radius it is an instantaneous burst that heals from 50 HP with an extra 50 lingering over time here’s the most important thing to understand about this ability.

However the burst heals for double if the characters that receive it are below half HP which means an instantaneous 100 HP with 50 lingering in a pinch this can make a huge difference, especially giving your friendly support an effective boost in survivability as a result. because of this, the way you use the Ability must change you can’t regen burst and then focus purely on damage with the team as much anymore. the timing of this ability is much more important.

Biotic Launcher

OverWatch 2 has a heavy emphasis on damage with one less tank to help mitigate its teams have a much easier time jumping onto the back line. Baptiste has very solid damage potential if it is utilized to the best of the player’s ability.

Realize though that in OverWatch 2 he will receive damage and fall off 5 meters faster than before so it is important now more than ever to not stay on High Ground too far away to do damage. also, realize that many tanks have more armor than they did in OverWatch 1. this means that you will generally be doing less damage against tanks than you were before as Baptiste.

What do you shoot then well if there is ever a shield to shoot Baptiste is perfect at dealing with it however in the neutral with no Shield to shoot targeting DPS and whittling them down is a viable option with the reduced amount of Shields and tanks in OverWatch 2 being able to the DPS by pressuring them with your own damage is an extremely important factor in winning team fights as always and opportunities where applicable look to still perform the common two bursts one grenade combo frequently to maximize your damage or one burst in one grenade to maximize your healing.


the window has changed slightly in the sense that the thought process behind the ability has changed a bit. Hardball compositions with Baptiste are less common in OverWatch too and if you’re going for that kind of composition it’s generally better to play Moira or Brigitta anyways.

Thus Baptiste has shifted into an odd spot where he can be played with some brawl comps with orisa and Reinhardt or succeed in spam compositions with a sigma because of this using window isn’t as simple as just placing it on a corner with your team anymore sometimes looking for aggressive pick opportunities is your best bet on a high ground angle against your enemy.

Since they won’t always have Diva to stop you this will either create picks for your team or at the very least create pressure that generates space for your team as they will have to look at your window. thematically it is okay to try and pull off more selfish windows in OverWatch 2 to bolster your value throughout the game.


So reviewing the changes in the game though more specifically Baptiste a point can be made that the standard playstyle of Baptiste has changed compared to where he was before. Baptiste is no longer your standard brawl support pickup instead his role is shifted while it has not been meta yet.

I believe if Arisa ever shifted into a better position Baptiste would be the pick and he would be able to keep up with her needs. that isn’t to say that he would not be good with other brawl compositions just that faster brawl compositions function better with Brigitta and Moira.

Baptiste does however Thrive especially in spam compositions when in combination with a Zenyatta his damage is impeccable comparatively over other supports which allows for fantastic Shield bursts against enemy sigmas.

Baptiste also provides herb peeling opportunities for Zenyatta in the scenario that the enemy decides to pull out a tracer or Genji any Zen should be able to deal with a flanker when he has over 300 effective HP and kicks take away that Baptiste now has an insane peel and damage potential but it’s not as fast as other supports like Moira and Brigitta in Brawl compositions he is still going to stay stacked with his entire team and look to push with them with possibly more aggressive immortality Fields while with spammy poke compositions he will likely stay somewhat close with his tank but will rather look to get more aggressive with his damage.

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