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Overwatch 2: Fastest Genji Tips for Perfect Dragon Blades

Genji Tips for Perfect Dragon Blades: Genji has always been one of the more unique and interesting characters in Overwatch. His abilities, combined with his high mobility make him a difficult foe for enemies to take down. The newest hero, Genji, brings a whole new level of challenge to the game. He can easily slip by enemy defenses and quickly eliminate targets from afar. However, if you are skilled enough, you can use Genji’s abilities to your advantage.

Here are The 5 Genji Tips for Perfect Dragon Blades

Tip 1. Don’t be afraid to get only 1-2 kills

this tip is something that all the top countries know and most of them live by don’t be afraid to get just one or two good kills with the blade a lot of Genji’s end up getting into analysis paralysis and reducing their total blade count by waiting for the perfect opportunity and end up reducing their value greatly.

The ultimate goal for Your Dragon Blade is not to Simply get an amazing clip for your Twitter while those do come regularly and are nice the ultimate goal with dragon blade is to achieve a Fight Win.

Dragonblade killing an enemy main healer and leaving the team with only Lucio’s heals is a great example of how just one kill can make a dragon blade translate into a super easy-to-win fight.

When you get good at generating a lot of dragon blades over the course of a game that can give your team a serious Edge on the clock, not every single Dragon Blade has to kill four or five people and win the fight all on its own

the important thing is that you set yourself up to get the picks that will make a difference.

Genji Tips for Perfect Dragon Blades

Tip 2. Don’t always dash up into the air

Don’t always Dash up into the air dashing up into the air is a useful thing to do in a lot of cases it gives your team a clear loss on you for Ability usage such as bubbles or honest Nano but the problem is that good enemy will be waiting for you to bleed and they’re going to see you in the air ahead of time so for the same reason that dashing up into the air can be a good thing for your teammates it can also be a good thing for the enemy team because they get to use their cooldowns and plan for their way of counter playing think for example Lucio speed amp to run his backline off or prep their counter play like sleep Dart and graviton surge or Sigma flux Etc.

All in all, if you are confident they won’t be able to stop you and it’s worth going up to get the resources from your team then go for the air Dash.

Otherwise, try to find high ground or somewhere that’s on the other side of a wall where you can blade from to give the enemy less chance to hit and react to you.

Tip 3. Be sure your deflect is off cooldown

Be sure that your deflect is off cooldown whenever you go for your blade a lot of Genji’s will end up mindlessly using their d-flat in the neutral fight while they are waiting to go in with the blade.

It’s really important you keep your deflect as it can provide you with important sustainability and help you counterplay any Focus coming your way as well as allow you to close distance on targets who are far you can use it to stop something as simple as a sleep Dart from ruining an entire flight’s worth of work building the blade and ruining your big moment deflect is a vital tool and it comes in varied clutch during your dragon blades so be as sparing as possible with it before you set up for your blade if you find yourself being forced to use d flat often perhaps play slightly less aggressively before your blade or try to take positions that are more difficult for the enemy to contest you at.

Tip 4. Know whether or not you should dragon blade

Something so many Genji’s do even in GM is blade when they see an opportunity to kill a lot of enemies but at a poor game time for example let’s say you’re attacking payload you’ve just won a team fight and your team is pushing the cart you don’t want to go and Blade the enemy team before they get back just because you see a good opportunity you want to wait until they return and are staging for the team fight and then go for your blade because the time it takes him to respawn group up and then come back is all free time for your team to be pushing the objective milking the game timer is a very important thing for good Genji players to know how to do as dragon blade in OverWatch 2 is a massive and consistent fight winner reduce the amount of recontested enemy team gets and each one of those one fights becomes much more impactful.

Tip 5. Know which cooldowns are important to wait out

Know which cooldowns are important to wait out any Genji player with experience knows that once the blade is popped chaos ensues and cooldowns start flying sleep darts anti-grenades hooks stuns boops everything.

So be sure to take a close look at your enemy team composition and try to plan out which cooldowns you need the enemy to not have first. something like a sleep Dart you can counterplay with your deflect or with a Zarya bubble whereas enemy Zarya bubbles don’t really provide you with any encounter play and they can easily ruin your blade so get your team to poke and count their Zarya bubbles.

So you know when you can engage and not get totally counted in your blade by high-impact abilities.

Final Words

Be sure to be patient with yourself and continue practicing dragon blade is one of the hardest and most mechanically challenging ultimates in all of OverWatch but is extremely rewarding when you get it down consistently and everyone starts somewhere so don’t get discouraged.


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