Minecraft Ender Chest Recipe: How To Make?

Minecraft Ender Chest Recipe: How do you use an Ender chest in Minecraft in this article We’ll show you the recipe for how to use one and all the mechanics of an ender chest.

What is Ender Chest in Minecraft?

Ender’s chests are a useful way of storing items in Minecraft the only place that ender chests generate is in the end cities the other way you can get ender chests is by crafting one on the crafting table. to do this you’ll need eight pieces of obsidian and one eye of ender. if you aren’t familiar with how to get an eye of ender you can get it by crafting together blaze powder with an ender pearl you can see that this is the recipe for the ender chest.

Different mechanics of Ender’s Chest

The first thing is an ender chest is similar to a normal chest an ender chest has the same amount of inventory slots as a chasse to 27 slots to drop the ender chest you need to mine it with a wooden pickaxe or better that is enchanted with silk touch enchantment.

image 7
  • If you don’t use a pickaxe with silk touch it’ll destroy the ender chest.
  • All ender chests for the player are interconnected including in other dimensions which makes it easier to transport items from the end of the nether.
  • It gives you a backup inventory of items that are easy to access instead of having to put everything in your inventory.
  • Each player has their own ender chest as inventory also other players cannot see or take anything in your ender chest.
  • Ender chests cannot be moved by a piston also it doesn’t interact with hoppers droppers and comparators which means that you can’t put items into an ender chest using a hopper, unlike the chests. So ender chests also emit a light level of 7 that is still low enough that mobs will spawn there’s also a particle effect involved with the ender chest.
  • If you break all of your ender chests the inventory inside will be inaccessible until you craft another and your chest.

How To Make Minecraft Ender Chest Recipe

First of all, we need to have ender pearls and blaze rods now to get an ender pearl you need to get that from an enderman, and blaze rods you need to get from blazes.

So you can find enderman pretty much anywhere but uh specifically in the end and in the warped forest in the nether and of course blazes are found in fortresses in the nether.

image 7
Minecraft Ender Chest Recipe
image 8
Minecraft Ender Chest Recipe
image 9
Minecraft Ender Chest Recipe

So, first of all, we need to use first need to use Blaze rods to make some blaze powder then an ender pearl and a blaze powder to make an eye of ender put that in the middle and we are going to cover this with obsidian and there’s our ender chest.

Minecraft Ender Chest Recipe

Ender’s chests are simple and straightforward there’s not much to them other than what I’ve just mentioned as I said they don’t interact with anything no Redstone nothing like that they are just chests that can be moved with only a silk touch pickaxe and you can access from pretty much anywhere you can carry it with you as well kind of like shulker boxes in that way

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