Overwatch 2: Fastest and Easiest XP strat for Battle Pass


Overwatch 2 is here and it’s looking better than ever. Blizzard has added new heroes, maps, modes, and gameplay adjustments that make the game more exciting than ever. If you’re a fan of the first Overwatch game, then you need to check out Overwatch 2. Some players are a bit confused about
the new battle pass system and how to level it up so here’s how it works and the fastest way to get it to level 80.

How to Max Level Fastest and Easiest in Overwatch 2

Before we start if any of this helps please leave a like And subscribe thanks and let’s get to it, okay so basically there are only two ways to acquire XP for the battle pass by playing games or completing challenges that reset daily, weekly, or by season.

Max Level by completing daily challenges
Max Level by completing weekly challenges
image 43
Max Level by completing season challenges

We won’t talk too much about game completion XP because the amount you receive is extremely small but know that playing with friends and having the battle PASS gives you a percentage base XP boost.

So, the best way to get that battle pass to the max level is to play while completing challenges as they reward you with massive XP and are quite easy to do for the most part also don’t forget to complete those daily challenges and you should be able to get to the max level in a relatively short time.


In conclusion, Overwatch 2 is an amazing game that caters to both hardcore and casual gamers. If you’re a fan of the first game, you’ll love Overwatch 2. There are several new modes and characters to play with, so there’s never been a better time to jump into the world of Overwatch!

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