Minecraft: How to Create Conduit


How to Make a Conduit in Minecraft: Do you want to know how to make a conduit in the Minecraft game? We will see how you can do it. To keep the essence of the game, we will give you hints and leave the rest for you to figure out. There are two main parts here. First is where we will get the elements and then we will see how to make a conduit in the game of Minecraft.

Materials Required for the Conduit

To begin building your conduit, you will have to get the materials that are required for it. There are three major materials you will need to build it.

Material 1: Nautilus

Minecraft: How to make a Conduit

You will need a total of 8 Nautilus to make a conduit. So, your first goal should be to find 8 shells of the

Here are different ways to find them.

  • You can always try fishing them up. With the luck of the sea, you can find the she3lls./
  • Depending on the edition you have, you can also find it by killing drowned.
  • Lastly, you can always trade Emeralds using a wandering trader. You will need roughly 40 emeralds to find 8 shells. Also, you will need 2 traders as each one just gives 5 shells at max.

Material 2: Heart of the Sea

image 16

You will need one heart of the sea. As the name says, you will have to look inside the sea. You can look at the buried treasure chest.

There are two ways to find it. You can tame a dolphin and it will take you to the treasure. If you don’t want to do it that way and go with the puzzle way, you can also use a treasure map to find the heart of the sea.

It will surely take some time to find the heart of the sea as it’s one of the important elements in making the conduit in the Minecraft game.

Material 3: Prismarine

image 17
How to make a Conduit in Minecraft

It’s yet another difficult element to find in Minecraft.

  • If you have drafted an ocean monument before, it’s quite easier to find it. As the top 2 layers will give you 16 Prismarine blocks along with the 4 sea lanterns.
  • You can also get it from the guardians. You can use TNT to clear the mining. We will leave it here. It will be fun to see how you get it.

How to make a Conduit in Minecraft?

Now, we are going to see the exact tutorial on how you can make a conduit in the game. For that, you will need to get the above-mentioned items.

  1. Open the Crafting Table. To make anything, you will need to open the crafting table. This is the only place from which you can make conduit. So, you need to open it.
  2. Place the heart in the middle. You can then open the crafting table and place the heart of the sea in the middle of the table. You can remember it by keeping in mind that the heart is the main organ. Therefore, you need to place it in the middle of everything. So, you can place the heart of the sea in the middle of the crafting table. You just need to place the heart in the middle.
  3. Protect the heart by placing Nautilus around it. The last step to building a conduit is to protect the heart. For that, you will have to place the nautilus around it. If you have successfully placed the heart in the middle of the crafting table, there will be 8 blocks left. Here, you will have to place 8 shells of Nautilus around it. This will protect the heart from all directions.
  4. Your conduit is ready to use. Now that you have placed the 8 Nautilus shells all around the heart of the sea, your conduit is ready to use. You can activate the conduit, and then you can use it however you want. Isn’t it too easy to make a conduit in the Minecraft game?

This conduit Minecraft tutorial will show you how to make a quick and easy conduit using the most basic of tools. Now that you have the basics down, there are many creative ways to customize and use this essential building block. So go ahead and give it a try, and see what sorts of amazing creations you can create!

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