Halo Infinite Leak Iconic Infection Mode is voiced by Jeff Steitzer

With the introduction of Halo 3, the Infection mode has become a fixture in the Halo franchise. In reality, it is the Infection mode that has kept gamers interested in the Halo franchise throughout the years by providing new games and maps.

Unfortunately, the Forge mode, which has become synonymous with the Halo series, was absent from Halo Infinite when it was published in 2021. In response to player feedback, the developers included Forge in the game in a November 2022 patch.

Even though Infection mode wasn’t already present, it was in such high demand that gamers made it in Halo Infinite’s Forge.

However, it looks like that time is over since audio lines for a new Infection game were leaked in the most current build of Halo Infinite.

YouTube channel Halo Leaks has released a video with voiceover for the forthcoming Infection mode. Jeff Steitzer, the show’s legendary announcer, appears in the leaked tapes.

The multiplayer mode has been spoken about by Jeff Steitzer since Halo Combat Evolved in 2001, in case you were wondering.

Voice lines from the Banished’s Iratus can be heard in the video as well, suggesting that the video’s announcer will change based on which team you’re on.

As was revealed in an earlier leak concerning Halo Infinite Season 3, Iratus’s appearance here should come as no surprise.

The addition of the legendary Infection mode voiced by Jeff Steitzer to Halo Infinite has been widely speculated upon and looks to be approaching, albeit no firm proof has been shown to support this claim.

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