Minecraft: How To Tame Cat [Full Guide]


Looking for a friendly feline friend in Minecraft? Look no further than the wiki’s list of the best cats for the game! Minecraft is a game that many people enjoy playing. For those who enjoy cats, there is a good chance that they may want to find one in the game. In this article, we are showing a few ways to find a cat in Minecraft.

Where can you Find Cat in Minecraft?

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As we’ve mentioned before the procedure to acquire Cat in Minecraft is pretty simple. Cats usually appear within the village that has at the very least one villager and 4 beds. The village itself has a total number of 10, Stray cat spawns within the game.

  1. To get one of them, go to the village or a Swamp Hut.
  2. In the next step, hold one Fish In your palm and keep it in place. This is because any motion could be frightening for the Cat.
  3. And then, remain at a halt and wait until Hearts & Collar appears on the Cat.
  4. When it does this, then it means that the Cat was successfully controlled.

All you have to do to locate and acquire a Cat in Minecraft effortlessly. If you’re curious about what they give or drop on you, scroll down to find out.

Is It Possible To Catch A Cat In Minecraft?

Cats are notorious for being able to escape from tight spaces, so it’s not likely that you’ll be able to catch one in Minecraft. However, there are a few ways to try and capture a cat in the game. One way is to build a large net and place it over the cat’s hiding place. You can also try using a trap that catches cats by using bait and a fishing rod.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a feline friend in Minecraft, there are a few places to check. You can try searching for “cat” in the game, or you could try some of the more popular mods that add cats into the game. Finally, if all else fails, you can always just build your own!

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