How To Fix Blurry Screen Issue In Modern Warfare 2


Modern Warfare 2 Blurry Screen Fix Computer gaming is a popular pastime for kids. The gaming industry could reach $350 billion by 2026, according to experts.

That’s a big mark for any industry, and it’s why thousands of young people are joining it. Modern gaming can be technically difficult, and gamers often need third-party help. Most gamers play on faulty computers. Modern games also use servers to fetch settings and details.

Today we’ll discuss how to fix Modern Warfare 2’s blurry screen. Modern Warfare 2 has had bloody screen issues in recent weeks.

Steps to fix blurry screen issue in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2’s blurry screen could be caused by several things. Blurred screens can cause esports players to lose concentration.

Modern Warfare 2’s developers haven’t addressed the bloody screen issue, and there are few permanent fixes. There are ways to reduce blurry game screens.

Step 1:

First, we’ll change Modern Warfare 2’s display mode to reduce blurriness. Open Modern Warfare 2 and click Settings. After that, go to display settings or graphics and change the full-screen from borderless to exclusive. Now apply the settings and launch your game. Many forum users say that the blurry screen in Modern Warfare 2 can be fixed by switching to full screen. Many times, systems can’t adjust display settings, causing rendering issues.

Step 2:

After changing the display settings, change the render resolution. Modern Warfare 2’s render resolution causes blurry screens. Start Modern Warfare 2 with the same graphics settings. Here’s the rendered resolution. 960 * 540 is the default setting if you haven’t changed it. If you’ve changed it, please match your display’s resolution.

If you’re playing Modern Warfare 2 on a 1920 x 1080 monitor, choose that render resolution. Rendering is important in games and should be done at the right resolution.

Step 3:

People who can’t fix the blurry screen issue in Modern Warfare 2 can try a third method. Please use all these steps simultaneously. One setting or step may not fix Modern Warfare 2’s blurry screen. Use these methods simultaneously.

After using the first two methods, change the details and texture. Make sure your graphics settings allow on-demand texture streaming.

Step 4:

Once you’ve adjusted the above settings, you can change the post-processing effects. Please disable world and weapon blur. After turning off the above settings, set the film grain to 0. We don’t want the default 0.25-inch green film. All these settings improve image quality and sharpness.

image 26

FAQs Fix Blurry Screen Issue In Modern Warfare 2

Is there any permanent fix for the Blurry Screen Issue In Modern Warfare 2?

No, The developers of Modern Warfare have not come up with any permanent solution to fix the blurry screen issue in Modern Warfare 2. We have collected a four-step guide to help you lower the frequency of bloody screens. All these methods have been tried and tested by different users on discussion forums. You will also have to try and test by yourself.


The above steps may not fix your problem or may only work temporarily. Don’t change your system. Game reinstallation is unnecessary. The bug needs a patch or update. Easy fix. Developers can find the bloody screen’s rarity annoying. As in life, blurry screens are common. This minor issue delays the fix. We recommend everyone follow the above steps. These settings won’t take long, but they’re worthwhile. Yes, the steps above may fix it.

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