Dead Space vs. The Callisto Protocol: Rivalry Showdown

It is a truth that the real good things can never be replaced and so is the OG Dead Space franchise. After a full ten years had passed since the previous Dead Space title, fans were overjoyed to discover that Striking Distance Studios, created by Glen Schofield, a co-founder of Dead Space, would be releasing the spiritual sequel in 2022. With a record of 30k players, Dead Space has an active Steam player base. This is roughly twice as many players as the game’s highest player count in 2022, when Schofield’s new company, Striking Distance Games, released The Callisto Protocol.

The Battle Between Dead Space And The Callisto Protocol

Do you know what is even crazier, The Callisto Protocol and the Dead Space remake are about to engage in a showdown. These two games have a stunning amount of genomes in common. They are about to start one of the largest rivalries in recent months, whether you have given it any attention or not. Which is going to be a thrilling experience for the gaming community. It is very rare that the world has a keen eye for a clash between two games and The Callisto Protocol and the Dead Space.

Even though the two games are very different from one another, they are closely linked by the fact that they were both designed by none other than Glen Schofield. Although Dead Space is already 14 years old, Motive Studio plans to update the iconic sci-fi horror game with a new version that will not only compete with but also coexist with The Callisto Protocol, a game that aims to expand on the foundations of Dead Space.

Oh! I am so eager to see the response of the gaming community once the games and release it is going to be a neck-to-neck showdown. However, if I have to choose between the two I will go for Dead Space. The Callisto Protocol, on the other hand, is mentioned in our analysis as having potential but lacking Dead Space’s polish, refinement, and mysticism. It would be interesting to see if Schofield and the Striking Distance Games team are given another chance with The Callisto Protocol. But as of right now, fans of survival horror are really pleased with what EA Motive has created. What are your thoughts about this? Do tell us in the comment section below.

Popularity Comparison Of Dead Space And The Callisto Protocol

It is safe to say that most of the gaming community believes the same way. Cause it is evident that the popularity of Dead Space is more than the Callisto Protocol. Because according to The Callisto Protocol’s highly anticipated release in December was disappointed with lower-than-expected ratings from reviewers, poor reviews from gamers, and a peak of just 17k players on Steam. This was despite years of marketing hoopla and a budget reportedly about $160 million.

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A sequel of the 2008 horror classic Dead Space has been released by EA and Motive Studio, who were also in charge of earlier Star Wars games utilizing the Frostbite engine, less than two months after The Callisto Protocol’s release. a remade version that has garnered significantly better reviews, favorable fan comments, and a peak of 30k players on Steam. The numbers are crazy and at the same, it is pretty clear that the number will increase. 

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I am looking forward to the epic battle between the two games. And do tell us your thoughts in the comment section. What’s more, do check out our other articles to get more tips, tricks, and insights about different games. 

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