5 Best Fortnite Like Games That You Can Play on 2022

Fortnite is Among the most popular games in the world. As per current data points, the game has more than 350 million subscribers worldwide, and they are increasing at a rapid speed. There are some estimations that by the end of 2022, Fortnite will reach 400 million subscribers worldwide.

It is an amazing game, but there is a higher probability that you will get bored of the game if you are not a professional player. Casual gamers like you and me only play games like Fortnite or just fun, and there is a higher probability that we will get bored out soon. You cannot keep playing a game you do not like unless you are a professional player.

That is why today we are here to talk about all the alternatives to Fortnite. We will take a look at other popular games like Fortnite. You can select one or two, depending on your choice, as an alternative to Fortnite.

Games Like Fortnite That You Can Play


You can check any list in the world, and Pub G is going to be the number one alternative to Fortnite. It has also been ranked as the most popular game of 2021. It’s a very easy-to-play but fun-loving game. Pub G is available for most gaming platforms and mobile and computer operating systems in the world.

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PUBG Best Games Like Fortnite That You Can Play

You can enjoy it for free or post it on your PlayStation, Xbox, Windows Computer, Android phone, iPhone, etc. The game is very easy to play as you just have to survive on an island along with 99 other players. The area of gameplay is going to get short after several minutes, and every player has to play in the game zone. If a person is not able to maintain gameplay in the gaming area, then they will be eliminated.

In order to survive in the game, add the designated gaming area. You can use Buildings, Vehicles, Arms, etc. You can also play in teams, and the best part about pub G is that it does not matter which level you are. Your skills in the game are going to matter at your level.

Call of Duty

Every 90s kid in the world understands how beautiful and popular Call of Duty games are. Gamers have been playing different variants of the game from the first day it was launched back in 2003. One of the most popular games in the world, pub G also somewhat follows the track set by Call of Duty.

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COD Best Games Like Fortnite That You Can Play

There are different variants available in the game, starting from Call of Duty all the way to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. If you are bored of Fortnite and you have never tried Call of Duty in your life, then we will highly suggest you go for the game. You will get to use all modern weapons, and they are not limited to some popular ones like pub G.

Apex legends

Apex legends is another popular name in the gaming industry. As for the latest data points, the game has more than 100 million users, and they are growing at a rapid speed. The game is available for most platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone.

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Similar to other popular games, it is also one of the games like Fortnite. You can enjoy an online multiplayer battle Royale game with premade characters named a legend. It is also a completely free-to-play game, so you won’t have to spend any penny, even if you just want to try it. If you have already bored out of Call of Duty, pub G, and Fortnite, then we will suggest you Go with the apex legends. It is an amazing game with world-class graphics.

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is another popular alternative to Fortnite. It is an upgrade over the next version of the most popular game, Halo 3. Similar to other competitors, Halo infinite is a completely free-to-use game. If you are not sure whether you should go with Halo Infinite or not, we will suggest you try it once. You can run it on most platforms, including Xbox and windows.

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The players will have to play in first-person perspective, so it is going to give you a fact about every other popular game on the list. Players can use a huge number of advanced weapons and vehicles for transportation and survival in the game.

Population one

Population one is also among the most popular games like Fortnite. Unlike the above-given games, population one is not free to use the game as you will have to spend around $29.99 to download and start the game. We are suggesting the Population One game because it is a virtual reality game.

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Yes, it is a virtual reality unable game, which means you have to use it well. It’s all reality classes and jumping into the new world. Every hard-core gamer in the world must try the population one game as it will give you the sweet combination of virtual reality and first-person perspective.


Personally, we did not want to include Minecraft in the list of games like Fortnite, but it is among the first games in the world to introduce something like Battle Royale. Even though Minecraft has evolved so much in the last few years, the initial concept of building things and looting is still there.

We did not want to include it in the list of games like Fortnite because of its graphics. Yes, the graphics of the Minecraft game are still on basic levels, and as compared to Fortnite, they are nothing. We are only suggesting Minecraft because of its similarities when it comes to survival and building things.

What are other games like Fortnite?

There are several other games, like Fortnite. You can check out all the above-given options. Our personal favorites are pub G and Call of Duty. If you are looking for a somewhat alternative fortnight, then we will suggest you go with these options. Most of the above-given options are completely free to use apart from population one.

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