The Patient Gamer

Working Through my Steam Library


Yesterday I discovered Gauge, a clever tool that analyzes your Steam catalog and gives you all sorts of interesting data on the games. For a data-phile like me, it's bringing two of my passions together. It was also a good opportunity to go through my library and find a few games that I had forgotten about (including an entire Humble Bundle that I had bought and never redeemed). 

I realized I had an awful lot of games that have been sitting, waiting for me to play, and I figure I owe it to them to sit down and play some. So I'm going to start a new exercise. By my count I have 188 games on Steam that I haven't completed. I'm going to start working through them, one-by-one. Here's how it's going to work.

  1. Using a random number generator, pick a game from the list
  2. If it's a sequel to something, select its predecessor instead
  3. Define a victory condition
  4. Play until the victory condition is met
  5. Write about it

There's a few games in the catalog whose origin I'm not even sure of. Hopefully this should be a fun experience and give me plenty of good subjects to write about!

Current rating: 5