The Patient Gamer

On Titan Quest: Why It Pays to Be Patient


I've played about 15 hours of Titan Quest already. Countless satyrs and harpies have fallen before me and my pet wolf, whom I've nicknamed Gerald. I was going to call him Cerberus, but I have a nasty feeling that would get confusing at some point in the game. I found an awesome set of armor, and had to grab a bunch of Strength buffs from the local vendor just to be able to wear it. You know that feeling.

I bought Diablo III when it was first released and enjoyed the hell out of it. I grew tired of it eventually and haven't played it in some time, but the hack-and-loot genre is a ton of fun to me.

Diablo III was released in 2012, six years after the release of Titan Quest. Surprisingly, the comparison between the two is not as lopsided as you might think. The graphics and production values of Titan Quest have held up surprisingly well over the years. The game still looks pretty, and the gameplay is still very satisfying. The complaints that I have with it are mostly minor, and mostly understandable due to the age of the game. 

But here's the kicker -- I preordered Diablo III for $60. I got Titan Quest as part of a Humble Bundle and paid roughly $3.50. The idea that the value of Diablo III is 17 times that of Titan Quest is absolutely laughable. 

There are some great older games out there! But if you're reading this, you probably already know that.

Current rating: 5