The Patient Gamer



Why this blog? I am a firm believer that every person on the internet doesn't have a lot to contribute to the global marketplace of ideas. I think a new blog is only justified if it has interesting and novel content. So what justifies a quiet, boring, 32 year-old software developer starting a new one?

I am in a stage in my life that I think is very common. I was raised with video games, started playing them in the early 80s. But I have a wife, a job, an infant, a dog... and not a lot of time to play anymore. I still thoroughly enjoy playing games, when I do find the time. Even though I have the money to spend on video games now, without a lot of time to play it doesn't make sense to buy the latest and greatest. I do still find it hard to resist buying a good game when I see it for cheap, and so I have a huge collection of video games that I want to play through.

So here's what I have to offer -- a little bit about games. A lot about nostalgia. And occasionally some discussion about video game deals that are too good to resist. Sound like something you might like to read? Poke around and tell me what you think!

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