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The Fall of Ethiopia


Egypt - 1200 AD
His Omnipotent Radiance, Pharoah Ramesses II

The battle for Ethiopia is over, and Egypt has triumphed over her enemies once more.

Since the dawn of time, Ethiopia and Egypt have coexisted in peace on a single continent. Ethiopia in the north was constrained by geography to three main cities, while the crown jewels of Egypt -- Thebes, Heliopolis, Elephantine, Alexandria -- spread across the land. Our people prospered. Our scholars learned the great secrets of science and technology. Our military might was unparalleled.

And yet, several turns ago, Haile Selassie began to amass his armies along our nothern borders. Our spies reported that Ethiopia was planning an attack. Legions of pikemen and composite bowman filled the city of Harar and spilled across the mountains toward Egypt.

With an intention to protect our people and maintain the peace, I ordered our armies to begin a defense of the homeland. Selassie's pikemen stared across borders at Egyptian muskets. His bowmen looked in terror upon the might of our cannons. And yet the military action continued. Numbers grew. The North was full of our armies, every inch of our border guarded against attack.

And then it came -- the declaration of war from Ethiopia... against Mongolia. Mongolia! The aggressive "diplomacy" of Genghis Khan had angered the likes of Selassie and Catherine of Russia. Selassie had mobilized his armies with the plan of marching across the Isthmus of Byblos, through the mountains, and taking the battle to Khan.

The Isthmus is well known for its strategic importance. Barely wide enough for 3 units to cross simultaneously, it is further narrowed by the imposing walls of the city of Byblos which sits at it's head. Armies had dashed themselves against the walls of Byblos while Egypt remained well protected.

Once across, the armies of Ethiopia would be at the mercy of the Egyptian guns that lined the city walls. The Ethipoians had no treaties with us and had no expectation of safe passage. With her armies engaged, the home cities of Ethiopia and their valuable resources would be undefended. Egypt's glory might be expanded into the north.

As Selassie began to move his armies across the Isthmus, I recalled our most powerful Frigates to the seas around the Ishtmus. Our considerable wealth was used to upgrade the guns of Byblos, so that powerful cannons now overlooked the field. Two units of musketmen were brought in for further defense. The great general William the Conqueror was called upon to lead the defense of the city.

In silence, we waited while the Ethiopians marched across the Isthmus.

The trap was sprung, and our troops moved into the Ethiopian homeland.

With our armies well-positioned, it took but a turn for our cannons to set up and begin the barrage of Harar. Our musketmen quickly disposed of the few remaining units they had left behind.

Realizing they were betrayed, the armies of Ethiopia reversed course, attempting to recross the Isthmus. They were greeted with naught but destruction. The cannons of Byblos and the guns of the Frigates rained shot down across the Ethiopian troops. None made it to the city walls.

The invasion of the Ethiopian homeland was swift and efficient. Harar fell in a few turns and we quickly set to the task of rebuilding the city. With no threat of being flanked, we left a modest guard behind and pushed the front to Addis Ababa. The seige of that city was aided by our navy in the bay and the citizens surrendered quickly. Egyptian casualties were few.

Adwa was the last holdout of the Ethiopian realm. As the walls crumbled around him, the shouts of Haile Selassie were drowned out by the booming of the Egyptian guns.

The radiance of Egypt now stretches from the shores of Giza in the south to the rocky ocean cliffs of Adwa to the north. Attrition during the battle was much less than anticipated. The shining legions of Egypt now move once more towards Byblos -- across that narrow passage, the ripe fruits of Moscow and Yaroslavl wait to be plucked. Our spies tell us that Catherine is planning an attack on Mongolia...

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