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Roosky Plays... The Legend of Zelda


It is such a coincidence that The Legend of Zelda would come up right after Anodyne, I think I should first go into a little detail into how I actually choose the games.

The game information is all stored in a database. I have a Python script which uses a pseudorandom number generator in order to randomly select one of the unfinished games from the database. When it comes time to select a new game for Roosky Plays Games, I run the script once and only once, using the first result that it gives me as the selected game. I like the idea that this is completely random, so I make very certain to run it once and only once. 

Given that there are a limited number of games in the database and that some are represented more than once (for example, Final Fantasies I-XIII), I expected that we would at some point see some collisions -- Final Fatasy II coming up after Final Fantasy I or the like.

I was not expecting it to be on the second game of the project. I almost decided to pick another game, just for some variety. But upon pondering the situation, I think it it's fortuitous that the games came up like this. I'm used to the mechanics, so it should ease the fairly difficult learning curve of Zelda. Even more, I can compare the two games. Like watching West Side Story and then reading Romeo and Juliet. Let's see how Anodyne really stacks up against the OG. 

This also gives me the opportunity to remedy one of the great shames of my gaming career. I was gaming on the PC since the early 80s, but as for consoles -- I jumped from the Atari 2600 to the Sega Genesis. I never had a Nintendo or a Super Nintendo, so I missed out on a lot of the early classics. Even though I've since played most of them, I've never actually beat the Legend of Zelda. That will change.

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