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Roosky Plays... Fallout


"Find a water chip, or everyone you've ever known will perish," is a damn good start to an adventure. And so our hero (me) steps out of the vault, into the caves beyond with only a knife and his Vault-Tec jumpsuit.

If fallout were a person, it would be driving already. The game is 17 years old, but still a fan favorite. I've played the Fallout games extensively, but started with Fallout 3. I've been sitting on an old CD copy of Fallouts 1 and 2 for the last few years, and now it's time to actually pop one in.

This is a good example, as well, of rule number 2 in the Roosky Plays Games project -- if the chosen game is a sequel to another game in the catalog, play the first one first. The game that actually came up on the random pull was Fallout 2, but we play things in order 'round these parts. 

Into the wastes!

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