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Roosky Plays... Dirt 3


Rally racing is awesome, especially at the World Rally Championship level. Tiny, lightweight, turbocharged AWD cars fly down dirt or gravel or snow-covered roads at 120MPH, feet (sometimes inches) away from trees or rocks or stone walls. It's a blast to watch. I follow the WRC regularly,so you'd think that I'd be super excited to play DiRT 3.

But here's the twist -- I hate, hate, hate "Hooning" culture. People who feel the need to take an amazing motorsport like rally and "spice it up" with burnouts, donuts, punk rock music, and Slurm energy drinks drive me nuts. I hate the word "sick" when used with anything other than a negative connotation. And therefore, people who glorify in it - like YouTube star and self-proclaimed "Hoonigan" Ken Block - also drive me nuts.

If you'll allow me a rant unrelated to video games for a moment, Ken Block raced in the WRC for a few years. Or tried to, rather, since he had some trouble keeping his car on the road. He was America's only driver representative in the WRC at the time, and one of only 4 American's to ever earn points in the WRC. He also has a ridiculous silver tooth. The "token American" in a sport dominated by Europeans is a guy who bought his way into the sport, crashes constantly, has trouble stringing together an intelligible sentence, and looks like a thug.

So yes - DiRT 3. I'm excited for some exciting offroad racing. I'm going to have to grit my teeth while Ken Block explains how sick Gymkhana is.

(As an aside, I'm sure Ken Block's a nice guy, and I'm glad he's drawing attention to motorsports.)

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