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I'll admit I was not very patient in buying Civ V. Even though I got it on sale, it was still about 3 times what I normally like to spend on a new game.

Still, I knew that I would easily get my moneys worth out of it. The turn-based nature of the Civ games combined with the complexity of resources fits neatly in to my brain -- it's the perfect game for when I want to escape for an hour or two.

Or should I say, I plan to escape for an hour and then finally look at the clock to see that it's 4am and I've been playing for 8 hours, after which I play a couple more turns and then call it a night. Never before have I encountered a game that gets me so absorbed that I lose time like I do with Civilization.

The Fall of Ethiopia was an encounter I had in the game recently that I thought deserved to be written down. It's stories like this that make this game amazing, emphasized by the fact that I had been trying to go for a cultural victory, but eventually just decided to conquer the world. I guess that says something about my personality...

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