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Completed: Anodyne

  • Purchased: 10/22/13
  • Acquired Via: Humble Bundle
  • Purchase Price: $0.91
  • Cost/hour played: $0.10

The first challenge of Roosky Plays Games has been completed, and I have triumphed. I expected about 6 hours of playtime in Anodyne, and got about 9.5 before finally beating the game. tells me that this is way above average, but I did take some time reacquainting myself with the game after a 2 month hiatus.

Behold the new site updates!

Almost three months ago, I announced a new project to play through my catalog of games. Since then, I've succeeded in completing exactly zero games and expanding my catalog by some two dozen. In fact, it's taken me the last two months and three weeks to play through exactly 5.1 hours of the game Anodyne, a rate of 3.74 minutes of game play per day. At this rate, it would take about 300 years to get through all of the games that I want to play.

Roosky Plays... Anodyne

In our very first installment of "Working Through the Steam Catalog"... ANODYNE!