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Completed: Dracula Origin

Some games stand on exciting or interesting gameplay. Some games stand on cutting edge graphics and sound. Some stand on beautiful artwork. Some stand on writing and an intriguing plot. Dracula Origin stands on none of these, which is a shame because I really wanted to like it.

Completed: DiRT 3

The amount I enjoy a game usually corresponds to how good the game actually is. Every so often that’s not the case, and DiRT 3 is a perfect example. So let’s get this out of the way: DiRT 3 is a decent off-road arcade racer with pretty graphics and fun crash physics, and I enjoyed playing it. Now, let’s enumerate the reasons I hate it.

Roosky Plays... Dirt 3

Rally racing is awesome, especially at the World Rally Championship level. Tiny, lightweight, turbocharged AWD cars fly down dirt or gravel or snow-covered roads at 120MPH, feet (sometimes inches) away from trees or rocks or stone walls. It's a blast to watch. I follow the WRC regularly,so you'd think that I'd be super excited to play DiRT 3.

Completed: Titan Quest

I knew the Roosky Plays Games project was ambitious, especially after implementing the stats block and figuring out that if I played games 20 hours a week, every week, I would just be completing my current catalog in about 16 years. The first few games of the project were a little discouraging, only because they weren’t the games I started the project for. See, my catalog is full of games that I didn’t purchase specifically but got as part of a bundle. There are also a lot of very casual games. The first couple that I started playing -- Anodyne and Fractal -- were definitely in that group. I expected this, but also hoped to find some hidden gems. Titan Quest happily fits in the latter category.

Roosky Plays... Titan Quest

The next game the Fates have presented me with is Titan Quest from now-defunct Iron Lore Entertainment. The game is 7 years old at this point, but I feel like it's the first "big" game I've gotten in my quest to play through my games catalog.