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Completed: Titan Quest

I knew the Roosky Plays Games project was ambitious, especially after implementing the stats block and figuring out that if I played games 20 hours a week, every week, I would just be completing my current catalog in about 16 years. The first few games of the project were a little discouraging, only because they weren’t the games I started the project for. See, my catalog is full of games that I didn’t purchase specifically but got as part of a bundle. There are also a lot of very casual games. The first couple that I started playing -- Anodyne and Fractal -- were definitely in that group. I expected this, but also hoped to find some hidden gems. Titan Quest happily fits in the latter category.

Review: Fractal

Three and a half hours and the main campaign in Fractal is behind me. For a $1.50 mobile game, it was very entertaining (and I'll probably keep playing on my phone as I have time). 

The Last of Us Really Is That Good

The controls aren't perfect, the gameplay is on a rail, and the plot is a bit trite. I don't care a bit.

Completed: Anodyne

  • Purchased: 10/22/13
  • Acquired Via: Humble Bundle
  • Purchase Price: $0.91
  • Cost/hour played: $0.10

The first challenge of Roosky Plays Games has been completed, and I have triumphed. I expected about 6 hours of playtime in Anodyne, and got about 9.5 before finally beating the game. tells me that this is way above average, but I did take some time reacquainting myself with the game after a 2 month hiatus.