The Patient Gamer

Behold the new site updates!


Almost three months ago, I announced a new project to play through my catalog of games. Since then, I've succeeded in completing exactly zero games and expanding my catalog by some two dozen. In fact, it's taken me the last two months and three weeks to play through exactly 5.1 hours of the game Anodyne, a rate of 3.74 minutes of game play per day. At this rate, it would take about 300 years to get through all of the games that I want to play.

But of course, I haven't been stagnant. You can see why it's taken this long. I've put all of my time into reworking this blog, and introducing some very cool new features.

The most noticable new feature may be the look and feel of the site. Inspired by classic video games, I made some changes to the theme of the site in order to make it look less generic.

But the most notable new feature is the addition of the Games Library. Inspired by the fact that I have games stored outside of Steam and the desire for my project to encompass all of them, I realized that I need a global list of all my games. Not content to try and keep an Excel spreadsheet updated, I used the site's database to store them. Now you can browse through all of the games I own, see the progress I've made, and eventually find related articles. The site interfaces with and the Steam API in order to keep everything orderly and avoid duplicating information. In the future, I hope to continue improving on the functionality and interface. Of course, not at the cost of quality content.

Now that that is done... Back to Anodyne. Since the project extends to more than just Steam games now, I'm changing the title to Roosky Plays Games. Let's have some fun!

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