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Roosky Plays... Anodyne

In our very first installment of "Working Through the Steam Catalog"... ANODYNE!

Working Through my Steam Library

Yesterday I discovered Gauge, a clever tool that analyzes your Steam catalog and gives you all sorts of interesting data on the games. For a data-phile like me, it's bringing two of my passions together. It was also a good opportunity to go through my library and find a few games that I had forgotten about (including an entire Humble Bundle that I had bought and never redeemed). 

Now Playing: Civilization V

I'll admit I was not very patient in buying Civ V. Even though I got it on sale, it was still about 3 times what I normally like to spend on a new game.

The Fall of Ethiopia

Egypt - 1200 AD
His Omnipotent Radiance, Pharoah Ramesses II


Why this blog? I am a firm believer that every person on the internet doesn't have a lot to contribute to the global marketplace of ideas. I think a new blog is only justified if it has interesting and novel content. So what justifies a quiet, boring, 32 year-old software developer starting a new one?