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Roosky Plays... Fallout

"Find a water chip, or everyone you've ever known will perish," is a damn good start to an adventure. And so our hero (me) steps out of the vault, into the caves beyond with only a knife and his Vault-Tec jumpsuit.

Completed: Dracula Origin

Some games stand on exciting or interesting gameplay. Some games stand on cutting edge graphics and sound. Some stand on beautiful artwork. Some stand on writing and an intriguing plot. Dracula Origin stands on none of these, which is a shame because I really wanted to like it.

Roosky Plays... Dracula: Origin

Sometime back in my developmental video game years, I happened upon a copy of Sierra's Quest for Glory I: So You Want to Be a Hero. If you're familiar with the other Sierra * Quest games, it's in a similar vein. The version I happened to play was a second release with updated VGA graphics and sound that came out in 1992, and I instantly fell in love. I still have the hero's theme as my cell ringtone to this day. 

Completed: DiRT 3

The amount I enjoy a game usually corresponds to how good the game actually is. Every so often that’s not the case, and DiRT 3 is a perfect example. So let’s get this out of the way: DiRT 3 is a decent off-road arcade racer with pretty graphics and fun crash physics, and I enjoyed playing it. Now, let’s enumerate the reasons I hate it.

Roosky Plays... Dirt 3

Rally racing is awesome, especially at the World Rally Championship level. Tiny, lightweight, turbocharged AWD cars fly down dirt or gravel or snow-covered roads at 120MPH, feet (sometimes inches) away from trees or rocks or stone walls. It's a blast to watch. I follow the WRC regularly,so you'd think that I'd be super excited to play DiRT 3.